Anti Anxiety Medicines – Precautions While Using Them

There is no doubt that the utility of anti anxiety medicines is unmatched in the treatment of the most distressing anxiety symptoms. These symptoms can be immediately controlled with the use of anti anxiety medicines which provide a great respite to anxiety torn patients, but their use is not without serious side effects. Hence a lot of precautions are advised in their use.

Anti anxiety drugs like Xanax and Valium are used to immediately treat anxiety and stress symptoms. But these drugs are depressants and prolonged use is strictly contraindicated as they have severe limitations.

Anti anxiety medicines quickly lessen symptoms of panic attack and help patients ward off fear and deal with insomnia. However, they do not provide a complete cure. The main drawbacks of these medicines are as follows:

*Partial treatment: These anti anxiety drugs are usually not sufficient to remove all the distressing symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety treatment is not simply managed with a pill. Very often, supplementary regimen of psychotherapy and other treatment needs to be resorted to for the treatment of all the symptoms in totality.

*Dosing vigilance: These anti anxiety medications have very specific dosage recommendations. The patients must have due vigilance in obeying their doctor’s orders as regards to dosing so as to derive the maximum benefit. Otherwise potential harm can result or the impact of the drugs could lessen.

Anti anxiety drugs often cause undesirable side effects. These may not manifest in all people but for some they pose a real threat. It is always advisable to observe the patient for the following side effects:

Allergic reactions: Immediate attention of a doctor is a must if these occur. These can manifest as troubled breathing, swelling of the body, skin rashes, etc. Anaphylaxis if present, demands immediate medical attention which can prove life-saving.

Stomach complaints: These are most commonly experienced side effect of various drugs.

Headaches: A very common side effect.

Dizziness: Anti anxiety medicines often cause this side effect. Since they are depressants, the patients feel drowsy or a little dizzy.

Sexual side effects: The patient loses interest in sex which is very common.

Addiction to anti anxiety drugs is also quite prevalent amongst patients. The anti anxiety medicines can become an addiction very easily. That is the reason doctors give short term prescriptions for these drugs during chronic treatment. Patients who get easily addicted should bring this to the notice of their doctors. The doctors could then explore other avenues of treatment which would suit these patients better.

The utility of anti anxiety medicines in lessening the anxiety symptoms is unmatched as they afford a chance for other medications to work on the patients. But they are not an end in themselves and should never be used for prolonged periods and never without the doctor’s prescription.